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Jamie Drolet - Senior Designer

Drolet Design is a full-service custom home design studio with a passion for creating homes that are both beautiful and efficient. We take great pride in creating exceptionally well-designed custom homes from the inside out. At Drolet Design we offer comprehensive 3D home and interior design services.

Owner and designer Jamie Drolet specializes in maximizing space, through open concept design, while giving the whole aesthetic a feeling of symmetry and character. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, Drolet Design is able to provide you with not only highly detailed plans but the opportunity to appreciate how your custom home will look before it is built.

Our focus is not to design a house, but instead to develop a home that fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly. We work collaboratively with clients to comprehend their necessities and desires, ensuring a home that perfectly fits their current and future needs. We believe your design is not a commodity; it is your dream developed into reality. Working one-on-one with our clients ensures the highest level of attention to detail, as we endeavor to create the most sought-after custom homes. Our dedication to refining the details and providing support throughout the construction process sets Drolet Design above the competition.

At Drolet Design we strive every day to be the best and sincerely believe that the design for your custom home is not complete until it is perfect. We go above and beyond coordinating every project and working with you and the builder to provide support throughout construction.

Established in 2006, Drolet Design is located in Victoria on Vancouver Island and offer our services throughout BC. With over 16 years of custom home design expertise, Jamie provides you with the experience to turn your dream into a reality. Winner of the Best of Houzz 2020 award for customer service he is recognized for the highest level of client satisfaction.

John Drolet - Senior ArchViz

What is an Archviz artist? 
A 3D visualization artist works with architects, designers, builders and engineers to create accurate digital representations of proposed structures, buildings, landscapes or interior spaces before it is built. Architectural visualization has quickly become an invaluable tool for the many outfits that make up the residential and commercial building industry. The unique skillset of a visualization artist is now regularly required by architects, interior designers, engineers, developers, builders, landscape designers and real estate professionals to help showcase their work to potential clients. 

John started his 3D visualization as an artist in 2004, designing 3D golf courses for a video game company. The golf game launched in late 2005. John then went on to re create some of the worlds most beautiful real 18 hole golf courses in 3D, for many different 3D golf simulator companies as a contractor. After contracting for many years with golf simulation  companies, John was then asked to join a golf cart company in Dubai where he would re create real golf courses in 3D for visualization for golf carts that were equipped with a commercial gps golf cart tablet.

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