Drolet Design Service
3D Exterior Visualization
> zoning analysis, researching bylaws & codes.
Schematic Design:
> preliminary design.
Design Development:
> 3D exterior visualization.
Exterior Finishes & Colours:
> selecting exterior finishing details.
Construction Drawings:
> detailed construction drawing package.
Project Coordination:
> city hall, surveyor, engineering, truss supplier, energy           consultant, builder, carpenter.
Bidding & Negotiating:
> selecting the builder.
Site Inspections:
> concrete formwork, framing, exterior finishing.
3D Interior Visualization
3D Interior Design:
> 3D Interior Visualization.
Cabinet & Millwork Design:
> Detailing of Cabinets & Millwork.
Lighting & Electrical Design:
> Lighting & Electrical Layout.
Interior Finishes & Colours:
> Selecting Interior Finishing Details.
Fixture & Material Selections:
> Selecting Fixtures & Materials.
Basic Landscape Design:
> Basic Landscape Layout